UN Youth Summer School

Summer School on Diplomacy 2017, Day 2

Day 2: Tuesday, 25th of July @Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest

11:45PM-13:15PM Seminar: EU27: The impact Brexit has on the EU Member States, Petru Saca

The day started with the first seminar of the sixth edition of the UN Youth Summer School on Diplomacy. The seminar was scheduled between 11:45PM and 13:15PM and was held by Mr. Petru Saca, an expert in European Affairs and international trade  It involved discussions about the impact Brexit has on the EU Member States. The participants were engaged in debating several topics, such as the worst and best case scenario after UK leaves the European Union.  Mr. Petru Saca stated that the best scenario would be a comprehensive trade agreement.

13:15PM-15:15PM Seminar: Europe’s Migration Crisis, Mihai Sebe

The second seminar of the day, scheduled between 13:15PM and 15:15PM was held by Mr. Mihai Sebe, an expert at the European Institute of Romania. The focus of the discussions was Europe’s Migration Crisis. After the self-presentation of the participants,  Mr. Sebe presented some statistics that showed an irregular flow of immigrants and a dramatic increase of illegal border crossing. The participants were  engaged in discussions and were asked questions such as: ” Is Turkey a safe country?”, “What is the key point of interest in Africa?” and ” What happened with the refugees in Romania in 2015?”. Stating that “The world is moving” and asking the participants if we are ready or not to deal with it, Mr. Sebe drew the conclusions of the seminar.

15:45PM-17:45PM Seminar: EU Global Strategy and the International Role of the European Union, Bogdan Muresan

Mr. Bogdan Muresan, an expert at the European Institute of Romania and a former member of the UN Youth Association of Romania,  focused on the strategy and role of the European Union on the global stage, as he held the 3rd seminar of the day. He started the discussions with some general facts about the European Union and Brexit, for a better understanding of the topic. Later, he presented the participants a series of concepts, as the civilian power of the EU and  the normative power Europe.

During the seminar, Mr. Muresan discussed topics as the European Strategic Thinking, The EU Global Strategy and The Transatlantic security relation. He added in the discussion the idea of the creation of an EU Army and debated with the participants how would this affect NATO relations. The participants were entertained by the concept of an EU Army and started presenting different points of view.

The seminar, as well as the 2nd day of the UN Youth Summer School on Diplomacy, ended with Mr. Bogdan Muresan answering questions from the participants.