UN Youth Summer School

Summer School 2017 Executive Committee

Project Manager

.Ioana Dospinescu is a 20-years old, second year Security and Defense student at the Carol I National Defense University and a first year Law student at “Nicolae Titulescu” University.

Ever since her first year of high school, Ioana comprehended the importance of volunteering in her life thus she has joined two major NGO’s in her hometown, The Community Support Foundation(FSC) and later on LEO, an international volunteering service affiliated to LIONS International. She devoted her spare time entirely to working with children from poor areas of the town, helping them with homework. After a year spent in this way, she decided to join the Orthopaedics Section in the county hospital, where she went every day after school to help patients eat, go for a walk or just help them pass the hard moments they were going through. Shortly, she became the coordinator of the section and also the leader of volunteers within her high school. With LEO, the volunteer work was not as constant as in FSC but it had a lasting impact. Alongside her friends, Ioana has founded the Leo Alpha “Young&Smart” Club in her town, at first being the founding vice president, then to become president of the club.

Regarding her university years, she has joined the UN Youth Association of Romania in 2015, becoming the president of the Bucharest Branch in 2016. Currently, she is the Vice-president on Educational Affairs of the Association, supervising the academic process of the projects developed by the Association and its members.

Throughout the work she has done in the Association she has managed to fulfill two of her passions: MUNs and international affairs, participating in such conferences both as a delegate and as a chairperson.

Ioana is also a keen equestrian, she enjoys reading and most of all volunteering. Her area of interests includes political philosophy, international security, and humanitarian issues.

.Co- Project Manager

Antonia Coman is currently the Vice-president for Internal Affairs of the UN Youth Association of Romania and a 3rd Year BA Student at the Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest. Her “career” as a volunteer started when she was in high school and since then she was involved in a series of activities of students representation. She became a member in 2013 and has been active since then as  Director of the Human Resources Department, firstly in the Constanta Branch and then within the Bucharest Branch. She has coordinated the HR Department at BISMUN 2017 and UN Youth Summer School 2016 but has also led the Mentoring Project, which implied organizing the selection, recruiting, motivation and evaluation process of the applicants. She is particularly interested in Tax Law, International Public Law, Diplomacy and Human Rights but among also on her passions’ list, she can count journeys and outdoor activities. The involvement in the association’s projects gives her the opportunity to do what she likes – meet new people and step out of her comfort zone every time.

HR Coordinator

Mădălina Boţ is one of the members of the UN Youth Association Romania, Bucharest Branch, currently holding responsibilities in the PR Department. A freshman of the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Bucharest, she is passionate about every aspect inextricably connected with the international relations. On the grounds that she makes every endeavor to discover the intricacies involved by a career in diplomacy, she is genuinely interested in the work of the United Nations, especially in the liaison between youth and the international forums. She strongly believes in the idea of „impacting change”, no matter how clichédly this may sound, and that every singular positive action can result in a chain of other likewise actions. Therefore, she has as guiding principle the adapted proverb: „ The more like-minded people, the merrier!”. As an adjunct to the volunteer activity, she enjoys indulging herself into quality books, exploring everything that seems to be unattractive at first sight, since the beauty hides in the most unexpected places, and acquiring skills from different linguistic backgrounds.

.PR Coordinator

.Bianca-Tania Bizdrigheanu is a member of the PR Department of the UN Youth Association of Romania Bucharest Branch and has been a volunteer at Bismun 2016.

She majored in 2016 in Business Administration at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, with a Bachelor Degree in macroeconomics. She is currently enrolled in a master program, studying International Economic Diplomacy at the same university.

Very passionate about international affairs in general, she dreams of pursuing a career in diplomacy.

Besides her academic and volunteer activity, she loves to travel and meet people around the world. She believes that this is the best way to understand the world and broaden your mind, in order to help improve it.

Image Coordinator

Andrei Tudose is a new member of the UN Youth Association Romania Bucharest Branch and is currently holding responsibilities in the PR Department. He has graduated from “Dunarea de Jos” University, Faculty of Economy and Business Administration, Galati. Therefore, his personal input into our projects is primarily directed towards mastering the image content involved by our initiatives.

He is passionate about every aspect of graphic design, web design and music, preferring to engross himself into playing guitar in his spare time.

.Administrative Coordinator

Dragos Danila is part of the new generation of volunteers of UN Youth Association Romania, Bucharest branch, holding responsibilities in the Marketing Department and student in his 1st year at the Faculty of Political Science. As a volunteer and lately, as a youth worker, he is more than proud that he participated in local, national and international projects, in Romania and abroad, the most significant ones on the Erasmus+ program, not only as a participant but also as a host and organizer. Non-formal education and projects are the main aspects of his daily life, strongly believing that human interactions mean everything. Structured dialogue, partnership, active participation, and initiatives are his principal values that link people, making them talk, work and, eventually, live together. Dragoş, needless to say, is a strong supporter of European values and Operating Inclusion and Integration through Action and he dreams that one day he will be part of one of EU Structures. Ideas are priceless and have to be shared, communicated, and put in practice, life is more than what you learned, it is about what you did and, more importantly, what you changed, obviously, in good.


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